Tancul franţuzesc Leclerc

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France has about 40 Leclerc main battle tanks available for export. Colombia has expressed interest but then so have “various other solvent countries,” quipped Jaques de Lajugie this morning at the DGA French procurement’s agency’s annual press conference. So Lajugie said the sale will be on a “first come, first served” basis. I think what he meant was: „first that agrees to the asking price” and whatever that is, is not being revealed.

“Well, why can’t you just sell a few to all the interested parties?” I asked…and was rapidly put straight by Lajugie who said “an army doesn’t buy just one or two tanks, it buys 30 or 40 or none at all.” And I didn’t have time to ask why, if there are so many potential clients, Nexter doesn’t manufacture more?

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Luna viitoare, vine Sarkozy! Foarte probabil, între jucăriile pe care va încerca să ni le vândă vor fi şi tancurile acestea.

Ne-ar prinde super bine să le achiziţionăm! Am putea echipa cu ele un batalion de tancuri din brigada mecanizată pe care România s-a angajat să o pună la dispoziţia NATO, ca forţă de reacţie rapidă.

Columbia cu siguranţă le-ar vrea, pentru a contracara mutarea Venezuelei de a cumpăra tancuri ruseşti T-90.