F-22 şi F-15

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Aştepând să cânte cocoşii o porneală a zilei, am găsit reacţia celor de la Defense Tech faţă de anularea vânzării de S-300 către Iran.

V-o prezint:

But with the cancellation of the sale, is there a near-term threat that justifies the F-22 specifically and stealth techology (read F-35) in general? Sure, the fact that the S-300 exists and is purported to be a killer of anything but the Raptor is clearly a theoretical threat. But the Air Force had been using the Iran sale as a card to play against reactionary Raptor haters. Now that card is gone.

The Army always likes to excuse their lack of progress in fielding a successor to the M16/M4 platform by saying they’re waiting for a “technology leap” or a new generation of firearms (like the XM-25). But with the fizzled S-300 sale, it looks as if it’s not the Raptor that skipped a generation, the generations skipped it.

Sursa: Defensetech.org