Un citat din Belfasttelegraph ne lamureste despre ce-l asteapta:

Meanwhile, the commanding officer of HMS Astute could find himself in front of a court martial as a result of the grounding.

Royal Navy experts have launched a detailed investigation, known as a service inquiry, into why the embarrassing incident occurred. Military prosecutors will then consider whether HMS Astute’s skipper, Commander Andy Coles, or any of his crew was negligent.

A defence source said it was likely that Cdr Coles, as the officer in ultimate charge of the advanced nuclear-powered submarine, would face a court martial. Members of HMS Astute’s crew could be charged with performing a duty negligently or „hazarding” one of Her Majesty’s ships through negligence.

Iata si minunea, asa cum se bronza pe bancul de nisip:

Fumul provine de la pirostrii. Sau de la gratarul cu mici, in jurul caruia toti beau bere in timp ce "sumbarinul" s-a tras la nisip

Tot raul inspre bine: Delfinul nost’ nu poate pati asa ceva…

Intrebare: de ce credeti ca s-a intepenit HMS Astute in realitate? Jucau marinalii o geampara in jurul chioscului? Se tineau de mana si se invarteau pe langa chiosc precum in jurul bradului? A vrut commander Coles sa faca o intoarcere cu frana de mana?

Asteptam variantele dumneavoastra. 🙂