Master Sgt. Joe Dickinson, center, 1st Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne), was awarded the Robert T. Frederick award given to both Canadian and American Special Forces operators that exhibits the highest degree of professionalism. It was the second year in a row a Green Beret from 1-10 SFG (A). Iar, cel din stanga este roman. Identificat de prietenul nostru maryus315.

Sursa: The United Stated Army Special Operations Command News Service

Having deployed into theater without a team leader, normally a seasoned captain, Dickinson expertly managed not only his team of U.S. Special Forces Soldiers, but also the integration of 12 Romanian Special Forces soldiers, thus creating a combined SOF force.

“Working with the Romanians was an excellent set up; instead of 12 guys on an ODA, now you have 24 guys on a team,” Dickinson said complimenting his partner nation counterparts. “There are some incredible Romanians who were with us. We were able to accomplish a lot by working with them in our area of operations.”

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