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Da bre, stiu ca nu e ala care trebuia. Dar, l-am lipit aici taman ca sa il fac de ras pe ala nou… Ehe! Ce vremuri si ce razboaie! Nu ca acum… Si ce avioane, si ce Typhoon! Si ce succes avea el in misiunile de atac la sol, nu ca asta de acuma!

In fine, vorba aia – nu e strungu cum e freza, nici morteza ca raboteza. Sau cam asa ceva. Unde vroiam sa ajung? Pai, frati & systers, nu-i Typhoonu’ ca Typhoonu’! Si nici Typhoonu’ nu-i precum Rafale! Este? 🙂

Ce vremuri…

Apropos de vremuri, in astea moderne, zilele trecute, am aflat de pe un site brazilian o veste cum ca europenii din consortiul ala… intr-o incercare disperata de a-si vinde paserea facatoare de oua din aur, au invitat Coreea din Sud ca partenera in program.

Ruşâni bre, ruşâni!


A multination consortium in Europe has invited Korea to join its high-end jet production project in an apparent attempt to win what would be Korea’s biggest arms-procurement deal.

The move came following Seoul’s announcement that it would purchase 60 advanced fighter aircraft in line with its push to shift the country’s military posture from passive defense to proactive deterrence with a projected budget of up to 10 trillion won ($8.96 billion).

“We welcome the Korean industry to participate as EADS’s full member,” Erwin Obermeier, a senior advisor of export projects at EADS, said at the International Conference for Air and Space Power held downtown Seoul last week.

“It’ll share all the benefits, knowledge and technologies of Eurofighters.”

“The Eurofighter program is jointly owned, developed, produced, and delivered by all four European companies,” he said, suggesting that Korea will also have much to benefit by joining the consortium.

He said if Korea chooses EADS’s Eurofighter Typhoon, which can fly at a maximum supercruise speed of Mach 2, his company will offer Korea the chance to assemble and partly manufacture the advanced jets in Korea.

“The first 10 deliveries will be assembled in Europe, but the next 24 will be built with components manufactured in Korea,” he said, adding that the remainder will be assembled here.

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Si azi, de pe Defencetalk aflu cum ca the Supervisory Board de la Eurofighter GmbH se vor duce cu caciula in mana prin japonezarie. Ghici de ce!?


[…] to discuss the status of the Eurofighter Typhoon F-X campaign and strategic next steps, and to hold talks with Ambassadors of the four consortium member-nations – the U.K., Germany, Italy and Spain.

Nu-i prea clar, nu? Hai sa coboram un pic privirile si sa vedem declaratia lui Chris Boardman, Managing Director Military Air and Information pe la BAE Sys. prin ograda:
“This meeting of the Eurofighter Supervisory Board demonstrates the enthusiasm of the consortium to work with Japan. We are ready to offer Japan’s defence industry considerable participation in the programme, which will offer significant technology transfer opportunities, including the source code, and the ability to develop and sustain key skills, capabilities and jobs within Japanese industry.”

Restu-i vrajeala. Restul din articolul original, pe care il puteti gasi aici.
Ce vremuri… Astia, daca nu l-au putut indesa pe gaturile infometatilor europeni, au schimbat continentul. Dupa ce nici in America de Sud n-au avut succes..