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Best J-20 comment this month

Paul made this observation in an email;

If this is for real, it makes the Tomcat look petite

He’s got a good point. Look at the size of the people relative to the aircraft. More importantly; check out that weapons bay.

Unlike other internal weapons bays for internal air-to-air missiles – the J-20s is massive.

Looks deep. That almost seems less a weapons bay than an old school bomb bay with plenty of room for all sorts of toys. How far back does it go behind that huge access door that is down?

Perhaps, because it is a single, vice a folding door like the F-22, it just seems big. But … the J-20 is a big bird. Are we really looking at what people think we’re looking at?

Here is the Chinese J-20, Russian Sukhoi T-50, and the USA F-22. The F-22, no small bird, looks nimble by comparison.

Chendu J-20, F-22, Sukhoi T-50/PAK-FA. Stealth Fighters.

I don’t know about you – but the J-20 looks less like a fighter and more like a penetrating attack aircraft; almost an update of the F-111 concept.

Even with allowances for Chinese technology not being as compact as Western technology (which I think is slightly a bogus argument in 2011) – that bird is big for a reason. I don’t think air superiority is it.

Sursa: Cdrsalamander

Vorba lui Solomon:

Many believed the J-20 to be a fighter.  Why?  Because thats what the US, and Russia are working on.  This is what Salamander says….

[…] Read the whole thing but I would bet good money that by this time next Tuesday every think tank in the US will be switching gears and following the CDR’s lead.