Gripen decoland intr-o noua misiune pe deasupra Libiei

Conform site-ului oficial al Fortelor Armate Suedeze, se apropie finalul termenului pentru operatiuni „impotriva” Libiei. In cazul in care nu vor obtine o prelungire de mandat, Grifonii de pe Sigonella se vor intoarce acasa pe 25 Septembrie.

Pana in prezent, Gripen a efectuat 440 iesiri.

Si tot pana in prezent, doua din cele trei linii ale rezolutiei ONU 1973, au fost rezolvate: mentinerea unei „no-fly zone” si garantarea embargoului asupra armelor.

Lt Col. Mats Brindsjö din FL02 a declarat:

 „We are now fully focused on the task of protecting civilians. There are still pockets of resistance with which the forces still loyal to the regime (of Gaddafi) threaten the civilian population. ” […] „if there is no notice of an extension, our plan is to make the last flight on September 24. After that day, hope all five Gripen fighter aircraft to return to Sweden. However, it takes a little longer for the rest of the unit is demobilized. We are approaching the date on which need to be authorized in order to be able to make an extension planned and controlled, but once we have a plan I hope to continue with the operation. „

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