… Latvia – bre, asta e Letonia, nu? 🙂 – vrea sa cheme fratii mai mari.

„If these helicopter carriers appear in the Baltic Sea, Latvia will ask France and NATO in general for military and political support,” a declarat ministrul apararii Artis Pabriks. „The size of this support should be adequate to restore the balance of forces in the region.”

Intre timp, ministrul rus al apararii, Anatoly Serdyukov declara ca este prea de dimineata pentru a determina viitoarele desfasurari pe harta ale navelor din clasa Mistral, care vor fi livrate Rusiei in 2014, respectiv in 2015.

„Let us build the ships first and then think about their use. We have some plans and we will make them public when the ships are almost ready,” a spus Serdyukov.

Si tot dinspre rusi se insista ca utilizarea navelor Mistral vor intari posibilitatile rusnace de a participa la operatiuni de peacekeepin’ si de humanitarian operations.

Sursa: RIA Novosti