Inevitabila moarte a colonelului Gaddafi… s-a întâmplat.

N-am să pun poză cu cadavrul.

Cocalari in Sirte

Gaddafi nu mai e. Au rămas în urma lui cei ce nu l-au mai vrut, pentru că nu-l mai doreau alţii. Acei alţii, le vor lua ţara şi-i vor înrobi.

Dracu i-a pus?

Copy+paste de pe site-ul RIA Novosti. Textul aparţine comentatorului politic Dmitry Kosyrev.

Lies and deception have always been a weapon in military conflicts. The strange story of Libyan rebels’ unsuccessful attempt to take the capital, Tripoli, by storm offers a striking example of deliberate misrepresentations in war.

The Libyan war will inevitably become the basis for the script of an action movie eventually, so in anticipation, let’s just imagine what this might look like.

On the set of the film, „Looking for Col. Gaddafi”

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has been conspicuously absent from all international media reports about this week’s rebel offensive on his stronghold in Tripoli. In fact, he has not been seen in public since June, except in occasional video footage. It has become clear that the Libyan leader has disappeared. This is not uncommon in times of war.

This scene opens with a close-up shot of a crater created by a bomb explosion. The site is Bab al-Azizia in Libya, where Gaddafi has been allegedly hiding out in a bunker since the war broke out six months ago. The camera respectfully fades away from the sight of human remains scattered near the crater, stopping to hover around the figures of Western-looking personnel in white overalls working on the ground.

A voice-over narration: „Several weeks ago, rebels in Benghazi mistakenly detained a group of British agents that was dispatched here. London said that they were diplomats. Later, Britain’s The Telegraph reported that those diplomats had assisted the rebels in the Tripoli offensive. As it turned out, there happened to be specialists in forensic medicine among them, which are hard to come by in Libya.”

Now we see one of the diplomats raise a test tube, with some mysterious reddish liquid in it, up to the light. „It’s him,” he says. „No doubt about it. Gaddafi is no more.” The film director, cursing angrily, demands a re-write of the script.

The shot is of a hospital-like structure sitting among ruined buildings; paramedics are covering a person lying in bed with a blanket, drawing it up over his head. We hear voices whispering, „It’s him.”

In a news reel, Barack Obama appears before the camera in a button-down shirt with no necktie and declares an end to Gaddafi’s 42-year rule. The U.S. President is speaking from the Martha’s Vineyard holiday retreat in Massachusetts. A narrator solemnly confirms Obama’s statement that the onslaught in Tripoli has indeed brought an end to the Gaddafi era.

We see a small boat approaching a submarine on the open sea, and an old man is lifted aboard. Steven Seagal slowly emerges from the submarine’s hatch. ‘The journey won’t take long, Colonel,” he says.

A man, dressed in a brown Arabian hooded cloak looks out at the dunes, listening carefully to the murmur of the sand.

Voiceover: „All documents regarding Muammar Gaddafi’s financial and political deals with EU and U.S. leaders burned up during the Tripoli offensive.”

Once upon a time there lived a father with his two clever sons…

There are some high-profile celebrities whose death has been reported so many times that one cannot help wondering about the secret behind their apparent immortality.

If you count the number of times Gaddafi’s two sons, Saif al-Islam and Muhammad, have appeared in the news since the start of the Libyan war, you will come to understand that Muammar himself is not the main protagonist. The real hero will be one of his sons with whom the Benghazi Transitional National Council will choose to sign peace agreements.

According to Auric Goldfinger, an eponymous and worthy villain of the James Bond franchise, „Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence.

Three times is enemy action.”

As for the Gaddafi brothers, Muhammad was arrested during a live Al-Jazeera broadcast, but was set free by Gaddafi loyalists shortly thereafter. And Saif – the one who spoke to reporters at Tripoli’s Rixos Hotel Tuesday – had been taken prisoner earlier by rebels, but allegedly escaped.

So far, this looks like coincidence, especially given the number of reports claiming the death of the two men.

Voiceover: The father was a villain, but his children are innocent.

Then, the muffled voice of the director suggesting Spiderman should appear before the camera and haul Saif up a vertical wall.

Holiday season

Curiously, the storming of Tripoli by two poorly coordinated rebel groups -attacking the capital from the east and from the west – coincided with the summer holiday season. While high-profile vacationers, such as Obama, are relaxing at resorts, Libyan rebels are slogging away trying to seize government strongholds.

Russian Ambassador to NATO Dmitry Rogozin has written a letter to the alliance’s secretary general, highlighting the loss of life among Libya’s civilian population as a result of Allied bombings. But Rogozin’s message was never delivered. It turned out everyone was away on vacation.

Narrator: „Early last autumn, the U.S. Administration began discussing possible unrest in the Middle East that might not necessarily be beneficial for the United States. It seemed equally disagreeable either to support or condemn the riots. After lengthy deliberations, it was decided that the lesser evil would be to represent the events there as a fight for democracy. But what is now happening in Libya does not really fit in with the whole picture…”

The film director cuts abruptly, shouting: „What’s with all this conspiracy stuff? Get Steven Seagal and Spiderman back on the set right now!”

Sau pana se duce ala dracului. NATO s-a pregatit pentru operatiuni de control a zonei de restrictie aeriana deasupra Libiei care sa dureze 90 de zile, dar ar putea sa scurteze perioada daca este necesar, a declarat un oficial al aliantei, referitor la o misiune ce urmeaza sa inceapa saptamana viitoare, potrivit Reuters.

Misiunea mandatata de ONU, aprobata de statele NATO joi, va implica zeci de avioane din cele 28 de tari.

Intrebat de calendarul misiunii, un oficial a declarat: „Mare parte din planificare s-a bazat pe o fereastra de trei luni”, insa aceasta ar putea fi fie extinsa, fie redusa.

Purtatoarea de cuvant a NATO in Bruxelles, Oana Lungescu, a declarat ca alianta va decide in urmatoarele zile daca isi va extinde rolul astfel incat sa preia comanda totala a operatiunilor militare, inclusiv cele terestre de protectie a civililor, de la coalitia condusa de Franta, SUA si Marea Britanie.

Intre timp, „coalitia va continua sa puna presiune pe regimul libian”.

Capitanul Geoffrey Booth a precizat ca misiunea va fi condusa de la centrul de comanda din Napoli si se va afla sub comanda amiralului Samuel Locklear.

„Daca sunt vizate direct, echipele pot actiona in legitima aparare”, a spus el. Altfel, este aplicat principiul „minimul de forta care se cere pentru a obtine efectul”.


De cealalta parte a lumii, in India, baietii care au tinut Aero-India pentru a se decide ce avion isi cumpara in cadrul programului MMRCA, au parte de o demonstratie gratuita pentru ei, costisitoare pentru amaratii de la sol, privind capacitatile catorva dintre avioanele angrenate in competitia lor.

Eurofighter Typhoon

Logic, nu incepeam cu Rafale-ul. Ce stie: viteza 2 mach, avionica de ultima generatie si mult mult zgomot tradus in rachete aer-aer (AMRAAM, ASRAAM), rachete anti-tanc Brimstone, sisteme Enhanced Paveway si Paveway IV.

Dessault Rafale

Viteza 1.8 mach, rachete aer-sol, inclusiv Apache si Exocet, rachete aer-aer si anti-nava.

F/A-18 Super Hornet

Viteza 1.7 Mach, tun Vulcan, 4 rachete AIM-9M Sidewinders, rachete aer-aer detectie termica.

Bonus, doar pentru Ghaddafi cu dedicatie, Tornado GR 4, Mirage 2000 si chiar Mirage F1

„The countries of the Bolivarian alliance are demanding the United States and the world powers respect the people of Libia. No to imperialist intervention in Libia! No to a new imperialist war that looks for oi over the blood of innocents!”

a spus Hugo Chavez, acelaşi care a spus despre Gaddafi:

„What Simon Bolivar is for Venezuelans, Moammar Gaddafi is for the Libyan people.”

„Difficult moments put loyalty to the test.”

I-a zis Daniel Ortega, la telefon, din Nicaragua.

(Punem pariu că nu va ajunge Gaddafi nici in Venezuela şi nici în Nicaragua?)

Copy+paste in viteza, de pe Tripolipost:

The day’s events took a very interseting turn in the Libya crisis when the Libyan government declared an immediate ceasefire and halted all military action against the rebels at around 3.00 p.m. (local time), the country’s Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa announced to the media.

Moussa Koussa says Libya will abide by the UN Security Council’s recent resolution and will halt military operations against rebels, USA Today reports.

The announcement comes after the United Nations’ resolution passed overnight authorising military action and a no-fly zone against the country.

Koussa said that the UN-imposed no-fly zone would „increase the suffering of Libyan people” by affecting civilian flights. He said the country will „try to deal positively” with the resolution, he said
„We decided on an immediate ceasefire and on an immediate stop to all military operations,” Libyan Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa said.

He went on to say: „(Libya) takes great interest in protecting civilians,” adding that the country would also protect all foreigners and foreign assets in Libya.

He said that, because Libya is a member of the United Nations, it is „obliged to accept the UN Security Council’s resolutions”.

Moussa Kussa said the government would also „open dialogue channels” to ensure there was sustained peace in Libya.

The United Nations authorised Western-led attacks on the Libyan government’s forces Thursday night as the Libyan leader vowed to crush Libya’s revolt with „no mercy, no pity” and rebels pleaded for military aid before time runs out.

The cease-fire announcement sent oil prices plunging and U.S. stock index futures up sharply.

Earlier Friday, British Prime Minister David Cameron had informed the House of Commons that Britain would deploy Tornados and Typhoons as well as air-to-air refuelling and surveillance aircraft.

„Our forces will join an international operation to enforce the resolution if Al Qathafi fails to comply with its demand that he ends attacks on civilians.

„Preparations to deploy these aircraft have already started and in the coming hours they will move to bases from where they can start to take the necessary action,” Cameron said.

Desi in mod traditional Coreea de Nord si Iranul sunt asteptate la cotitura pentru un razboi adevarat in care statele puternice sa isi testeze tacticile, oamenii si tehnica, iata ca Libia vine puternic din urma si s-ar putea sa le ia fata celor doua pandite si ras… pandite.

Evenimentele, asa cum ne sunt ele prezentate, dar si pasii pe care incep sa ii faca Marile Puteri (?) spre o implicare directa impotriva regimului colonelului Gaddafi – nu spun despre o implicare pro-rebeli, pentru ca la acest moment pare a fi vorba numai de „contra Gaddafi” si atat – tind, intr-o extrapolare simpla a directiei de avans, catre conflict.

F-22? B-2? FOS? AWACS/AEW? F/A-18 Super Hornet & Growler? Mistral? Submarine? Tot si orice.

Va fi, sau nu va fi Libia un poligon?

Ministerul Apararii de la Londra a confirmat, duminica la pranz, ca are „o mica echipa” in Benghazi.

Potrivit informatiilor, unitatea de comando a SAS a fost capturata in estul Libiei, in timp ce escorta un diplomat in teritoriul controlat de rebeli. Ei au fost dusi in Benghazi, al doilea oras ca marime din tara araba, aflat in mainile luptatorilor anti-Gaddafi.

Liderii opozitiei libiene ar fi fost extrem de furiosi la vederea soldatilor britanici, ordonand inchiderea lor „intr-o baza militara”.

Diplomatia britanica a declarat ca „nu poate confirma sau infirma” materialul prezentat de catre „Sunday Times”.

Ministerul Apararii de la Londra nu a putut fi contactat pentru precizari, insa, potrivit presei britanice, conducerea ministerului nu comenteaza aproape niciodata operatiunile fortelor speciale.

Analistii declara ca oponentii regimului lui Gaddafi se tem ca liderul de la Tripoli ar putea folosi informatia pentru a sustine ca puterile occidentale intervin militar de partea rebelilor. In plus, liderii opozitiei sunt ingrijorati ca libienii „ar putea crede ca trupe straine au inceput sa intervina, debarcand pe teritoriul Libiei”.

„Sunday Times” precizeaza ca militari din Marea Britanie au participat deja la salvarea unor cetateni britanici ce lucrau la instalatiile de petrol din desert.

Premierul David Cameron a declarat saptamana trecuta ca statele occidentale ar trebui sa intensifice contactele cu opozitia libiana, pentru a afla care sunt intentiile acesteia.

Informatia legata de comandoul SAS a venit la cateva zile dupa ce o sursa libiana afirma, sub protectia anonimatului, ca forte speciale din SUA, Marea Britanie si Franta au debarcat in Cyrenaica, unde in prezent stabilesc baze si centre de antrenament „pentru a intari trupele rebele care se opun soldatilor lui Gaddafi in mai multe regiuni”.

Oficialul libian, care nu a dorit sa fie identificat, a declarat ca soldatii americani si britanici au ajuns in zona pe 23 si 24 februarie, fiind transportati de nave de lupta si ambarcatiuni mici apartinand marinei SUA si celei franceze, in apropiere de Benghazi si Tobruk.

Diferite informatii indica faptul ca trupele speciale occidentale desfasoara in prezent si eforturi sustinute pentru „a neutraliza” Fortele Aeriene ale Libiei, cu scopul de a limita puterea regimului lui Gaddafi.

Ulterior, televiziunea de stat din Libia a difuzat imagini cu trei soldati despre care sustine ca fac parte din trupele speciale olandeze, acestia fiind capturati pe teritoriul libian de fortele loiale lui Muammar Gaddafi.

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