Submarin diesel electric, cu opţiune de AIP, pentru misiuni oceanice, de la BMT Defence Services.

Benefits are delivered through a number of exciting features offered by Vidar®-36:

  • Submerged displacement: 3,600te
  • Operating depth in excess of 200m
  • Maximum submerged speed: 20 knots
  • Range: 9,000 nm (snorting), with extended range options
  • Length (overall): 79m
  • Beam (maximum): 8.4m
  • Propulsion: Diesel-electric
  • Optional air-independent propulsion system
  • Six 21″ torpedo tubes
  • Up to 18 weapons, including heavyweight torpedoes, anti-ship and land-attack missiles; or
  • Up to 36 mines
  • Capable, modern combat system
  • Full suite of sensors including active and passive cylindrical, flank and intercept sonar arrays, mine and obstacle avoidance sonar, and reelable towed sonar array
  • Eight universal modules for optronic masts; radar; CESM, satellite and integrated comms masts, and a snort mast
  • Communications: Satellite and integrated comms, buoyant wire aerial, underwater telephone
  • External modular payload bay abaft the fin
  • Five- to ten-man lock-in lock-out facilities (plus special forces mission packages)
  • Launch, operation and recovery of AUVs and UUVs

Advanced capability for the launch, operation and recovery of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and tethered unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs), including options for wet and dry deck hangars.

Vidar-36 - disecţie

Sursa: BMT Defence Services