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Puitorul de mine 274 - Viceamiral Constantin Bălescu

Puitorul de mine 274 - Viceamiral Constantin Bălescu

Conform Hazegray, World Navies Today:

Displacement: 1,450 tons full load
Dimensions: 79 x 10.6 x 3.6 meters/259.2 x 34.7 x 11.8 feet
Propulsion: 2 diesels, 2 shafts, 6,400 bhp, 19 knots
Crew: 75
Radar: MR-302 Strut Curve air/surf search
Sonar: possibly minehunting sonar
EW: Watch Dog intercept
Armament: 1 57mm/70cal DP, 2 dual 30 mm AA, 2 dual 14.5 mm AA, 2 RBU-1200 ASW RL, 200 mines

Concept/Program: Romanaian-designed and -built minelayers; hull has also been used for auxiliaries. This class can also be used for ASW escort. The first unit has a helicopter platform aft, but it apparently is not used for aircraft operations; the second unit has no helo deck.

Builders: Santierul 2 Mai, Mangalia.

Number	Name			  Year	FLT	Homeport	Notes
271	Vice-Amiral Ioan Murgescu 1980	BLK
274	Vice-Amiral Constantin
		Balescu		  1981	BLK

271 - Vice Amiral Ioan Murgescu, nava soră, cu punte heliport