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Fortele Aeriene Sud Africane au serbat zilele trecute receptionarea primului elicopter de sprijin in lupta CSH2A Rooivalk MKI Block 1F de la Denel Aviation. Urmeaza inca zece fratiori tunati la acest standard.

La moment de mare bucurie, Denel a comunicat ca din acest moment Africa de Sud este una dintre cele noua tari din lume care si-au dezvoltat si construit propriul elicopter de sprijin. Si tot Denel a anuntat ca pentru a aduce pasaretul cu rotoare la standardul Block 1F au fost facute 130 de modificari per bucata.

Magnific si minunat Roiivalk-ul asta si ne-am dori pentru Romania, ca de obicei, macar asa ceva. Ei… dar stirea asta cuprinde si ceva cu Romania, ca tot veni vorba:

The Rooivalk is the first and to date only helicopter mostly designed and built in South Africa, albeit with covert assistance from Aerospatiale, the fore-runner of Eurocopter, and Turbomeca, the helicopter turbine engine manufacturer. By about 2006 some R8.1 billion had been spent on the programme. (Kgobe’s statement raises a question about the Oryx, for which Denel is also listed as OEM. The Oryx is a fusion of the Puma and Cougar medium utility helicopters with parts for the latter obtained from Romania via Portugal in contravention of a then-United Nations arms embargo against Apartheid South Africa.)

Harta regiunilor si a bazelor implicate in exercitiul bilateral Southern Mistral

Intre 15 si 25 Martie se desfasoara in Franta aplicatia militara bilaterala anglo-franceza Southern Mistral, care va cuprinde operatiuni aeriene combinate si raiduri specializate, in cadrul carora se vor efectua misiuni de atac conventional la mare distanta.

Din program fac parte atacuri combinate cu avioane Mirage 2000 D si Tornado GR4, care vor lansa rachete Scalp si Storm Shadow.

Unitati si baze participante la Southern Mistral



De la Reuters, aflăm că Albania cumpără 5 elicoptere valorând în total 78 milioane de euro:

AS 532 AL Cougar, Bulgarian Air Force

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„The approval of this contract by parliament is absolutely indispensable because the helicopter fleet is an important asset at the national level,”

„For the armed forces, this will be probably for a long time the project of the biggest financial value.”

Eurocopter, membră a concernului europeanEADS, va livra Albaniei cinci AS 532 AL Cougar pentru uz militar: misiuni de căutare şi salvare (SAR) şi transport VIP.

Albania a alocat două procente din PIB către bugetul apărării în ultima decadă, ţintind integrarea în structura NATO.

Din momentul în care premierul Sali Berisha a venit la putere în 2005, acesta a ordonat menţinerea la sol a flotei formate din bătrânele MiG-19 şi MiG-21, trimiţându-le mai apoi la muzee şi la dezasamblări. Viitorul fortelor aeriene albaneze îl vor reprezenta elicopterele, adecvate reliefului muntos al ţării.

Romanian Puma naval helicopter, in King Ferdinand frigate's hangar


From Romanian News Agency ActMedia site:

Ambassador of France in Bucharest Henri Paul, and Ambassador of Germany Andreas von Mettenheim on Friday visited the Eurocopter Group Romania on the IAR Ghimbav platform in the county of Brasov (country center).

Head of the Eurocopter Group subsidiary Jean Louis Face presented the two diplomats the economic situation of the unit founded in 2002 and which has since grown into one of the most advanced subsidiaries of the group that is expanding on the IAR platform.

According to Mascle, Eurocopter Romania completed this month the 50th delivery of an aircraft of the Puma and Super Puma family, with maintenance and capital repair works carried out in Brasov. Eurocopter Romania, Mascle added, has become the main global competence center of the Eurocopter Group for the maintenance of this helicopter family. Most orders come from military contracts won around the world: Africa, Europe, Middle East, South America and Asia.

‘Thus, in less than five years Eurocopter Romania has become one of the most important players in the Romanian industry of aeronautics. The current industrial capacity of Eurocopter Romania allows the simultaneous repair of eight medium-sized Puma and Super Puma helicopters per year. In addition, on the local market, Eurocopter Romania further develops support activities for EC 135 and Dauphin helicopters used by the Romanian state authorities, alongside the marketing and maintenance-repair activities of new generation helicopters for civilian customers from Romania and the neighboring countries,’ said Jean Louis Mascle.

The cited source remarked that Eurocopter Romania also provides technical support for the helicopter of Georgia President Mikhail Saakashvili. The company also has revision and repair contracts ongoing for eight helicopters of the British Royal Air Force and another 20 British military helicopters are also supposed to reach the Eurcopter Romania subsidiary.

At the same time, the Eurocopter Romania subsidiary is in talks with representatives of the Ministry of Administration and the Interior (MAI), the Romanian Intelligence Service and the Ministry of Health to conclude repair contracts for the entire range of helicopters MAI and the other two institutions need.

Because of the crisis, the turnover of the Eurocopter Romania subsidiary fell from 32 million euros in 2008 to 26 million euros in 2009, although repair activities have doubled. The two Ambassadors visited the overhaul and repair division, and were shown the helicopters bound for Hungary, Chile, Morocco and Congo on the assembly line.