Into the Storm: Destroyermen, Book I

Nu citesc cărţi cu balauri şi balauriţe, iar seria lui Taylor Anderson am tot amânat-o de câte ori i-a venit rândul. Momentan nici n-aveam altceva la îndemână…


What if evolution played out differently – dinosaurs did not become extinct, with bird-like lizards and intelligent lemurs evolving as the two sentient species on the planet? Then, what if all of a sudden, a WWII destroyer class sea-vessel appears in that world – how does the balance of power shift and how would the three intelligent species react to each other?  These are the questions Taylor Anderson attempts to answer in Destroyermen: Into the Storm, the first of a trilogy launched by Roc Books.

Din ce am tras eu cu ochiul, distrugătorul va fi urmărit de un crucişător japonez. Evident, japonezii se vor alia cu băieţii răi, iar destroyermenii americani se vor pupa pe bot cu personajele pozitive.

Revin, după final cu mai multe detalii.

Până atunci, două imagini de pe site-ul autorului:

Puntea lui USS Walker, cu echipaj mixt americano-lemurianez

Tunul numărul unu, în acţiune. De asemenea, cu servanţi din două specii


După ce am reprodus pe Semper Fidelis, să lipesc şi la mine în ogradă ceea ce a zis bulgarul Stosstrupp pe

Actually one man’s disappointment is another man’s good fortune. It looks that after Romania chose the F-16 over the Gripen Saab has made an instant improvement of their offer to provide Bulgaria with the JAS-39, including offset for more than 100% of the total price, providing jobs for several thousand people and deliveries of the first units, starting in 12 months after the deal has been signed. That’s what our new defense minister announced today in a speech before the North Atlantic Club of Bulgaria.

Problem is that my personal favourite is the EF-2000. biggrin.gif
Anyway the former Chief if the Air Force and present Chief of Defense General Simeonov is in favour of the F/A-18 E/F and in a procedure some couple of years ago that type has been confirmed as the winner of a canceled fighter tender.

As for Romania IIRC there was an offer for a triangular deal in which France would supply Rafales to Qatar and/ or UAE, buy their Mirage 2000s and resell some of them to Romania. What hapened with that one? I thought that Romania is generally simpathetic to France?