IDF Logistics Corps va implementa in viitorul apropiat vehicule-robot pentru transporturi militare, a anuntat Head Logistics Officer, Brig. Gen. Mofid Ganem.

„We teach our logistics officers to approach the forces in spite of the dangers,” explained Brig. Gen. Ganem. „In enemy presence we will be able to employ logistics soldiers as security forces as well, trained to fight and better understand the situation.”

Cea mai impresionanta parte a stirii, insa, abia acum urmeaza:

Brig. Gen. Ganem discussed technological advancements in command and control systems as well as incorporating the use of unmanned aerial and ground vehicles.

The vehicles will transport supplies to infantry forces without risking human life. „These will definitely be taken into consideration in the upcoming IDF’s multi-annual plan,” he said to IDF Website.

Lighter and longer-lasting supply carriers are being developed as well.

Sursa: Israel Defense Forces