Cica WikiLeaks da de stire celor interesati ca :

U.S. diplomats urged Washington to delay giving Sweden’s Saab Gripen fighter the latest American radar technology. This move was aimed at minimizing the appeal of the Gripen over the F-35” si ca „diplomats were so concerned that if Norway chose the Gripen over the F-35 it would sway the Netherlands and Denmark to follow suit that they urged the State Dept not to allow the Gripen to be equipped with powerful AESA radars until after Norway chose which fighter to buy

informatia de mai sus e mai veche si a fost tratata si la noi pe forum. Ce e nou este comentariul unui rege de prin Bahrein care descrie ca Raphale fiind „yesterday’s technology”

Dintr-o alta aflam ce Brazilia a  avut de ales „One U.S. cable signed by Lisa Kubiske, charge d’affaires at the U.S. embassy in Brasilia, noted: “While the Rafale’s high price and doubts about the Gripen’s development would seem to make the Super Hornet the obvious choice, the fact remains that [Brazilian President Lula Da Silva] is reluctant to buy an American aircraft” si ca „According to the article, one of the biggest factors pushing the Gripen toward the head of the pack is the fact that Saab is willing to give Brazil access to nearly all technical data on its jet –including the software source code —  while the U.S. and France will give only “relevant” information

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Ce va fi interesant de citit, cand vor ajunge si la noi, sunt culisele cumpararii noului (??)  avion de lupta al Romaniei. Bulgarii o cam dau cotita dupa noi ca sa facem mantenata si antrenamentele ieftin impreuna. Daca e F16 suntem in rand cu israelienii, turcii si polonezii. Nu ar fi un lucru rau.
„Vecine n-ai cumva un capac de delcou ?” mai tineti minte ?
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